Winnipeg Bonny and Clyde

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This poster has nothing to do with Bonny and Clyde. If you want to find out what this litho is actually about keep reading.

Venue: Investors Group Field, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Date: 24 August 2017

Posters for this gig: 1 of 1

Quantity printed: ???

Artist: ???

Description: As per usual my mate the Kollectr (amaninjapan on the mygnrforums) got it right. It looks like the bloke is about to murder the poor woman in front of him, like this is some kind of subversive militant propaganda. The truth is a bit well kinda cutesy for GNR. I’ll let him tell you the rest.

“I thought I KINDA recognized the art style and sure enough, after being pointed in the right direction, it turns out it’s a style that is synonymous with a very famous poster artist by the name of Tom Purvis. I recognized the artwork but never knew the artist’s name until now. If you’ve ever seen old British propaganda posters (which Purvis did a few of) or the classic series of vintage London Rail posters, you would probably recognize the style. But if you’re like me, you’d have no idea about the name of the artist. Well, now I know. I can’t confirm whether the original Manitoba artwork is by Tom Purvis but it is at least done to imitate his style.” 

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