Troubadour opening gig

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Location: Troubadour Club Los Angeles.

Show date: April 1 2016

Number of posters: this and the ‘I was there’ poster.


  • black and gold
  • black and red
  • red and gold
  • red and silver

Quantity printed: 400?

Artist/Studio: ?

A word from our sources: The three lithographs you have are the commemorative lithographs that were available for sale on the Guns n Roses website, not the lithograph available at the show. They are tiny and although they are numbered, absolutely nobody cares about them and should not really be included. I have a photo of the real one attached to this email.
Story: Although 400 were ‘made’, less than 80 were actually sold at the show. Probably because nobody cared too much, they were just there to see a surprise GnR show. Plus the Troubadour is a tiny venue and there were only 500 people at the show.

There seems to be a guy who is genuinely connected in some way to the merchandise/promotion staff who has been selling off a large bunch of the leftovers off the top. However he doesn’t have all of them. He just grabbed a bunch off the top and seems to be selling them off slowly. So in practical terms, there are almost certainly less than 150 of these available and the rest were probably trashed/recycled by the promo company.~The Kollecktr.

Description: these posters are from the April Fools gig that kicked off the Not in this Lifetime tour. Which 500 lucky bastards and bastardettes got to see for a few bucks. 

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