Singapore Merlion

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Location: Changi Exhibition Centre

Show date:  25 Feb 2017

Number of posters: just this one.

Quantity printed: ?

Notes on the print run: [from contributor Kollectr] The number is stamped but does not show the total amount (e.g. it shows “251” instead of “251/500”). The paper stock is thin and cheap. Printing quality was not good and some posts suffered from blotches and artefacts. Many of these posters went unsold at the venue and were returned to the Singaporean company in charge of merchandising for the Singapore and Thailand leg of the tour, Gig Merch and were sold on their website.

Artist/Studio: Timothy Patrick Butler

Did you know? The Merlion is the subject of this poster. It’s a famous statue in Singapore. It’s a mythical half fish, half lion creature. Look Singapore is favoured by sailors, billionaires and people who like a disgusting smelling fruit called durian (it’s god awful and stinks). The sailors are too busy shagging hookers, the billionaires are busy shagging higher class hookers and no one wants to know the durian eaters. So that’s a rough explanation as to why this is all Singapore has to show for itself. It was this or a shopping mall. Oh and they end all their sentences in lah lah. I think it’s just to be annoying lah. OK lah?

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