San Francisco Dirty Harry

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Location: AT&T Park

Show date: 9 Aug 2016

Number of posters: only 1

Quantity printed: 300

Artist/Studio: unknown

Key themes: Dirty Harry, San Francisco Bridge, Clint Eastwood.

Description: Arguably the coolest poster of the whole tour. Only surpassed by the New Orleans LA USA and Kobe Japan Jan 22 2017 posters in $$$ and collectability. I’ve seen them sell for $600+.

Nailed if factor: 12/10.

Did you know: Guns N Roses did a cameo (drunk I should hope) in The Dead Pool around 1989. So there is a connection between Ol’ Dirty and the Gunners.

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One thought on “San Francisco Dirty Harry

  1. Do you know anyone who has this lithograph for sale? I’ve been searching for the past couple of months with no luck.

    Thanks in advance!


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