Regina Fauvist bull

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Arian brings his A game to this one. There’s elements of Fauvism in the macho bull here. The outline of the bull has paint splotches similar to Ralph Stedman’s technique in all the ‘fear and loathing’ work he did for Hunter S Thompson.Then there’s ample skulls, the GNR logo buried in the ground and the obligatory pistol in the dirt. Notice of course the mountain range in the bulls back.  Dang you could almost call that surrealism on a good day. But enough of these fancy art terms and that. This poster’s a bloody ripper as we say in Australia land. Just so much win here.

Venue: Mosaic Stadium, Regina Saskatchewan

Date: Aug 27 2017

Posters for this gig: 1 of 1

Quantity printed:

Artist: Arian Bulher

Description: Saskatchewan. It sounds like a bloody Star Wars character. You know like Bobba Fett’s wing man. But it’s full of manly Canuck, monster truck driving red necks. Yee haw. Like they literally have the running of the bulls. But unlike in Spain, they probably run with a knife and fork chasing the bastards into a fire pit. Wow Saskatchewan, it sounds like how Canadians talk. I personally believe they mumble so much because their mouths are so full of maple syrup.

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regina guns n roses poster

One thought on “Regina Fauvist bull

  1. Great work by Arian Buhler! I asked him on Instagram how I could purchase the Regina print but he never got back to me. Any ideas?

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