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Prague. Once upon a time it was Communistical. Lots of brown, 5 year plans and statues of Lenin everywhere. It was quite shit. The cars were terrible and literally had body panels made of cotton. You had to have a 5 year plan to get a bloody Kit Kat. So clearly Czechs don’t need a reminder of those bleak times. Life seems very good there now (looks to be an amazing city to me). Without being too schmaltzy though, this poster is kind of cool.

Venue: Letňany, Czech Republic.

Date: 4 July 2017

Quantity: 100 (not confirmed)

Artist: ???

Number of posters for this gig: this and the Prague coat of bones.

Description: it harks back to Communist propaganda from the Soviet era. But there’s more to it than that.  “It’s a direct take on a very famous Russian (Soviet) advert from 1924. The author is Alexander Rodchenko – renowned father of Russian graphic design.”

“It has no ideological or communist angle whatsoever. This is basically a commercial advert, promoting the Lengiz – Leningrad (now St Peterburgh) publishing house. It’s an instant classic of an era which is why I recognized it. ”

Many thanks to: Alexpro on the mygnrforum for the insight.

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prague GNR propaganda poster

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