Parisian lovers

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Aaah the French. But those chain smoking, Peugeot smashing, cheese eating surrender monkeys have delivered the goods. A classy poster based on a classic French lithographer Max Ernst. Quirky yet marvellous all the time.

Venue: Stade De France

Date: 7 July 2017

Quantity: 100

Artist: Arian Buhler

Number of posters for this gig: 1 of 1

Description: this poster is based on a drawing “Une semaine de bonté” by French comic book artist Max Ernst published in 1934. Oh yeah and it glows in the freakin’ dark man.

Many thanks to: GNRFrance on the

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paris gnr poster

10 thoughts on “Parisian lovers

  1. Hey mate ! Nice review, i have this. It’s a 100 copies and you forgot to mention something : it’s glowing in the dark 😉

    1. Bonsoir Jean-Rémi,
      je suis désespérément à la recherche de cette affiche, sur eBay ou autre… je ne trouve pas. Aurais-tu un scan en HD ? Je suis de Paris


        1. Salut Jean-Rémi,
          depuis mon post, j’ai trouvé une original (cher…) mais je l’ai maintenant… je te remercie e ta réponse…

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