Ottawa Dragon

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Canada. Nickelback. Just saying. Justin Bieber. Just saying. Allanis Morrisette. Just saying. Trailer Park Boys… aaaah OK you’ve got me. Seems everywhere has some redeeming factor. This poster’s not everyone’s taste. At 250 copies, it’s not crazy collectable either. But hey it’s certainly not the worst and captures the gothic majesty of Ottawa. Hey the Trailer Park Boys shot part of Don’t Legalise It there ya know?

Venue: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Date: August 21 2017

Artist: ???

Quantity printed: 250

Number of posters for this gig: 1 of 2

Description: A dragon over the Ottawa parliament house. The parliament house in Ottawa is covered in hundreds of gothic style gargoyles and dragons.

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ottawa dragon guns n roses poster

photo credit Michel Loiselle

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