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Munich Grim Reaper

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When I think of Germany, I think of pork knuckle, beer, soccer hooligans, boringly over engineered cars and sauerkraut. But why not the Bavarian Black Forest and the grim reaper. It’s a little bit more rock and roll I guess.

Location: Olympic Stadium Munich Germany

Show date: Jun 13 2017

Number of posters: 1 of 1

Quantity printed: ?

Artist/Studio: ?

Collectability: by this stage all the posters are crazy collectable. But I don’t think there’s anything remarkable about this one.

Key themes: The Grim Reaper, the background looks like the Bavarian Alps and the New Swan Stone Castle, or Neuschwanstein. Hitler liked to hang out there back in the day. You know, do a few bong tokes, totes watch like a whole box set of Game of Thrones and eat a whole pork knuckle. I’m making this shit up you know, well the pork knuckle anyway.


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gnr munich poster

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