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Minnesota Rose

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I think Minnesota is one of those lakey kind of places. Kinda place where men go out and hunt small furry animals and cook them in creepy log cabins. You know tinea, wet socks and leeches, your dad’s boring stories. If them’s the breaks I’ll have another turmeric latte thanks. Honestly I don’t know about all that but the less is more-ness about this poster really is cool and probably says something about the city. Turns out Minneapolis has this cool spoon and cherry bridge. This could be one of those posters – and towns – that grows on you.

Venue: US Bank Stadium, Minnesota USA

Date: 30 July 2017

Quantity printed: 350?

Posters for this gig: one legit one. There’s at least 2 ‘fan made’ posters. One that I’d argue is better than the legit version!

Artist: ???

Description: A skeleton hand reaching out over a lake presenting a rose mocking the Cherry and Spoon bridge in Minneapolis. The shadow in the lake shows a pistol. I think Minnesota is one of those lakey kind of places. I’m told by our ever reliable Kollectr that the colours on this poster really do pop and the purple is amazing. Sadly the interwebs, or indeed Instagram have not done it justice. Just as well it looks good in the hands of the few that have it.

minneanapolis minnesota gnr poster

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