Melbourne Ned Kelly

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Location: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Show date: Feb 14 2017

Quantity printed: 300

Posters from this show: this and the Melbourne Tasmanian Tiger.

Artist/Studio: ????

Key themes: Ned Kelly the Legendary Australian bushranger (outlaw) who died after a gunfight with the Melbourne Police. What made him a top bloke though was that he planned his last stand and invited the whole town of Glenrowan to the pub to have a drink on him in safety, while Ned and his boys shot it out with the pol-ice. He was hanged in 1880.

Did you know? The governor particularly spiteful towards old Ned. Legend has it he used Ned’s head as a paperweight in the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Description: portrait of Ned Kelly with a gun in one hand and a rose in the other. He’s wearing a suit of homemade armour in which he had his last stand with the police.

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