Madrid Dali clocks

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Well the European posters are off to a flying start. But when you’ve got the work of Dali to start from, I guess it’s hard to fail. What a phenomenal tribute to both Dali and GNR.

Location: Estadio Vicente Calderon, Madrid Spain

Show date: Jun 4 2017

Number of posters: 1 of 1

Quantity printed: ?

Artist/Studio: Arian Buhler

Collectability: as Dali is universally loved in rock (he collaborated with Alice Cooper) and art circles, this poster is a dead set winner. It’s no doubt going to be one of the most collectable posters of the tour hands down.

Key themes: Based on Salvador Dali’s work ‘the Persistence of Memory’, Surrealism.

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GNR Dali Madrid poster

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