London Beefeater

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Venue: London Stadium

Date: June 17 2017

Artist: Arian Buhler.

Posters per gig: this and London Jack the Ripper

Quantity printed: 150 or 200?

Key themes: Beefeaters are the soldiers that guard the queen at Buckingham Palace.

Pure biased opinion. I just don’t like this poster. I could try and intellectualise it but it just shows a lack of depth and clearly wasn’t done by an Englishman. I bet Arian Buhler’s and Englishman!

Did you know? Beefeaters aren’t allowed to talk on duty. My father back in the swinging sixties reckoned nice ladies of London used to take their cocks out while they were on duty and they couldn’t do or say a thing. They had to finish their shift with the schlong flopping about – you know, for the queen.

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