Little Rock tattoo

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I know nothing about Little Rock. But apparently they have a war memorial. So I think this litho is pretty much on point and touches on some cool subject matter. He it was either this or Billy Clinton (a Little Rock native) and his sticky cigar… Well played Little Rock. Well played.

Venue: War Memorial Stadium, Little Rock, Arkansas USA

Date: Aug 5 2017

Number of Posters for this gig: 1

Quantity printed: 250

Artist: ???

Description: this poster is World War 2 themed. A combination of both the nose art that USAF pilots would paint on their planes and the tattoos they got. It seems the only thing bluer than their uniforms up there were their balls, hence the sexy ladies.

This poster’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s well and truly on theme and a bit cool. The artist has deliberately made it look trashy by mocking bad printing traits such as trapping and cheap unbleached paper. Gives it a nice pulp fiction vibe.

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Nose art from WW2 US planes

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