Lisbon the Enchanted Moura

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This poster is not to everyone’s taste, but then again how many people have been to Portugal? I have and Arian Buhler has definitely nailed the ‘art nouveau’ style unique to Portugal.

From my experience of Lisbon, I would have drawn sardines, madeira wine, peri peri chicken and sketchy locals in the town square shouting ‘hash, marijuana, cocaine…’ as they do (drugs are decriminalised in Portugal). I think we can all agree Arian’s design is far better.

Location: Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Lisbon Portugal

Show date: Jun 2 2017

Number of posters: 1 of 1

Quantity printed: ?

Artist/Studio: Arian Buhler

Collectability: it’s a sensational poster, no doubt that will fetch high prices. But it can’t hold a candle to the Madrid poster :|. Nevermind, I love Portugal!

Key themes: On Arian’s Instagram, he mentioned the Enchanted Moura, Portuguese Romanticism, art nouveau, ‘the one and only Mucha’ [Alphonse Mucha]

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lisbon GNR poster

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