Kobe Japan Samurai

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Location: World Memorial Hall Kobe

Show date: Jan 22 2017

Number of posters for gig: 1

Quantity printed: 150

Artist/Studio: Arian Buhler

Key themes: A samurai warrior in armour circa 19th century

Nailed it factor: 10/10 this poster is the biggest and rarest of the tour. They’re selling for crazy money on eBay. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. At the time of writing there was one for 1500 pounds!

A word from our esteemed contributor Kollectr: [It was] A Very cold, very windy, snowy day. Apart from the very special Troubadour show, the Kobe venue was by far the smallest venue on the entire world tour. With all the Japanese lithographs being printed in volumes proportional to the size of the venue, Kobe was naturally the rarest lithograph with only 150 made. There was only a single merchandise tent and the lithograph, the design of which had been viewable on the Creativeman site for months beforehand, sold out literally within five minutes.

The merchandise staff only provided plastic bags to carry home the lithographs so unless people came prepared, many probably have rain/snow damage or creases from being handheld in strong winds. A perfect storm of low printing volume, amazing design, a venue in a rare/far-away country and not-so-large city and almost no resellers buying with the intent to flip on the aftermarket has led to the Kobe being considered the white whale lithograph of the entire tour. Nearly all people who purchased the Kobe lithograph have kept them and only a handful have sold online, all for ridiculous sums of money.

Collectability: the holy grail.

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2 thoughts on “Kobe Japan Samurai

  1. Hey man, how do I contact you via email? I have most of the GNR lithos and have a lot of information that can help you fill in the missing blanks regarding availability/number printed/rarity etc etc.

    You have my email address. Get in touch with me!

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