Kansas City butcher’s chart

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Location: Arrowhead stadium

Show date: June 29 2016

Number of posters: 1

Quantity printed: 200

Artist/Studio: Arian Buhler

Key themes: choice cuts and prime ribs of A grade beef.

Nailed it factor: 9/10. I officially know nothing about Kansas City, other than they like beef. Tasty, tasty beef. Or Arian really fancied some beef brisket while he was drawing this up.

Did you know? At least according to the guy selling one, this is the rarest poster of the US leg of the tour. I don’t know man, I just work here. If I’m wrong correct me but it seems legit. And now I have a 2am craving for a giant kosher pastrami sandwich. You bastard Arian!

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