Imola Cannibal Holocaust

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Viva Italia! What do we love about Italians? They’re disgraceful but so good at it. They’ll grope your wife’s ass and say ‘molte grazie’ and get away with it. Why because they’re Italian! If a German bloke did it you’d call the cops. This poster’s a bit disgraceful too. It’s based on a gore movie set in the Amazon that freaked the whole world out, because they thought it was a real snuff flick. Anyways for my money, the Ferrari poster’s a bit obvious and this is one of my favourites because it’s local, esoteric and bloody cool.

Venue: Autodromo Internazionale Enzo E Ferrari, Imola, Italy

Date: June 10, 2017

Quantity printed: 100

Posters for this gig: this and the Italian Racer

Artist: ??

Description: this is a homage to cheezy Italian horror movies – particularly Cannibal Holocaust. The producers were so dodgy, they made all the stars sign a contract to disappear for a year so it looked like they really were eaten in the Amazon jungle during filming. Which was of course total bullshit. This movie was true filth and horrified everyone on a scale unbelievable today. And that’s why this poster is so cool. The genre in Italy is known as Giallo.

EDIT: sorry about the grubby image. This is the best around at the moment.

guns n roses imola poster

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