Copenhagen Mermaid

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From the home of Lego, dry biscuits that cut your mouth, expensive furniture, exquisite women and expensiver furniture comes the latest concert poster. The Little Mermaid is a tribute to Danish author Hans Christen Anderson but this ain’t no fairy tale.

Location: Telia Parken, Copenhagen,  Denmark

Date: June 27th 2017

Posters for this gig: 1 of 1

Quantity: 150

Artist: Arian Buhler

Description: this is based on the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen Langlinie Promenade. Except here the mermaid is sitting on a bad arse skull, she has a rose for a heart and she’s a pistol packin’ fish momma. She looks a bit moody, but probably best to leave her alone…

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Guns n roses mermaid poster denmark

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Mermaid

  1. I’m so glad I went to the Copenhagen show and got this t-shirt instead of the butt fugly Stockholm one which looks like the hockey team’s jersey.

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