Colorado mine

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Arguably this will be one of the cooler posters of the second USA leg of the tour. I mean for a start is there a more appropriate use of the skull theme than the grim reaper here? It speaks to the heart and soul of Colorado blue collar miner folk and the tonality is amazing. My only complaint is that they didn’t work Hunter S Thompson into it given he spent most of his life up there in Denver. But a very, very cool poster nonetheless.

Venue: Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Colorado USA

Date: August 2 2017

Posters for this gig: 1 of 1

Quantity: ???

Artist: ???

Description: The grim reaper walking into the mine to claim his latest victim is poignant reminder of Colorado’s past. Colorado has a tragic history of tragedies and deaths in coal mines. For example 121 people died in the Hastings Coal Mine explosion in 1917. It was a great catalyst for unionisation of the mining work force.

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