Brisbane surfing grim reaper

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Location: QSAC Staduim

Show date: Feb 7 2017

Posters shown: 2 of 2

Quantity printed: 250 of each

Artist/Studio: Arian Buhler

Key themes: surfing

Description: Brisbane, some of the nicest folk you’ll ever meet. Good place for a surf too what more can I say!

Nailed it factor: While Brisbane is full of surf and sun, I don’t know that these posters really capture what Brisvegas is about. Personally I would’ve had a skull Wally Lewis (famous as rugbyist and top bloke) crash tackling the Gunners to the ground on a rugby field with a XXXX can in hand.

Collectability: meh. According to a source, a lot of these posters didn’t sell and were sent back to the promoter.

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