Apollo Theater

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The Apollo Theater is deep in the heart of Harlem. James Brown made his name there playing soul and funk revues. Hence the retro 60s vibe of this poster which is a great tribute to the hardest workin’ man in show business, from what must be the hardest working band in show business. Git on up-o-dat-thang HUH!

Venue: The Apollo Theater Harlem New York City USA

Date: July 20 2017

Posters for this gig: two basic variations.

Quantity printed: NOT a lithograph and and unnumbered. I think it was given to competition winners of satellite station Sirius FM

Artist: ???

Description: the statue of liberty and a homage to these James Brown Live at the Apollo Theater posters from the 60s.

Did you know: I once walked from about 12th St in Manhattan all the way through Central Park to 140th St in Harlem. It’s bloody fascinating and highly recommended to see the contrasts of New York.

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