Adelaide shark skull poster

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About this Guns N Roses poster

Description: Adelaide is the city of churches. Not much happens here. But the odd person does get eaten by a shark, hence the poster. It’s the sharks’ way of showing their frustration that not much is going on here. I mean really when was the last time you saw a shark in church?

Location: Adelaide Oval

Show date: Feb 18 2017

Number of posters for this gig: this and Adelaide bogan poster.

Quantity printed: ???

Artist/Studio: unknown

Key themes:

Did you know? Adelaide people are frightfully posh. The rest of Australia says dance as in chance. They say daaaaaaance as in dunce but they reaaaaaaaally stretch out the vowels. Like ‘oh what did you do on the weekend?’ ‘oh I went to a daaaaaaance party’.

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    1., There are a few floating around. Plenty of guys on mygnrforum have spares to trade. Good luck


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