Adelaide bogan

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Location: Adelaide Oval

Show date: Feb 18 2017

Number of posters: this and the Adelaide shark skull

Quantity printed: 150

Artist/Studio: unknown

Key themes: bogans. An Aussie term for a headbanger. Think flannelette shirts, torn ball hugging jeans, a case of cheap beer cruising around a country town with AC/DC cranking out of the stereo.

Did you know? Adelaide people are frightfully posh. The rest of Australia says dance as in chance. They say daaaaaaance as in dunce but they reaaaaaaaally stretch out the vowels. Like ‘oh what did you do on the weekend?’ ‘oh I went to a daaaaaaance party’.

Nailed it factor: There is a certain artiness and complexity captured here that symbolises Adelaide. Some how grungy but high falutin as well.

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