San Diego Rocket Queen poster

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Location: Qualcomm Stadium

Show date: Aug 22 2016

Number of posters: 3 colour variations: foil, purple and orange.

Quantity printed: The foil version is limited to about 10 or 20 copies. Making it by far the most collectable poster.

Artist/Studio: Sara Ray Art – Sara Ray Etsy Store

Nailed it factor: 8/10. Can’t really fault the coolness.


  • orange 6/10
  • purple 6.5/10
  • foil version 10/1o

Description: there’s the three colour variations of the one poster. Thankfully, there’s a generous dose of nipple in all of them. Sometimes you Yanks get a bit prudish. We love a good nipple down here. Especially when they come in pairs.

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