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Well no pressure Gunners. The last time you visited St Louis you were hopelessly late and there was a huge riot. Fans tore the place to shreds. I’m surprised they could even get insurance to play there. But I’ll be buggered, I guess it really is the tour of a life time.

Venue: The Dome, St Louis MI USA.

Date: July 27th 2017

Quantity printed: 250

Posters for this gig: 1? I think there’s two.

Artist: ??

Description: it features the Gateway Arch bridge. It’s apparently really, really high. Like 192 metres making it officially taller than Richard Hammond if nothing else. But the bridge is made out of the teeth of a skull. In the middle of the gateway arch is the old court house building. ‘Take that St Louis’ has to be a riposte to the riot they had there last time decades ago!

Strangely this poster has 250 copies bucking the trend of the 100 only Euro posters, bringing down the collectability a bit.

Did you know? The last time GNR played St Louis, there was a full scale riot. The band’s security insisted they evacuate the stadium for their own safety. They found an innocuous enough looking mini van. They thought they were doing it right by sitting on the floor so fans couldn’t see them. Unfortunately as they were barreling down the street, someone realised Slash still had his top hat on and you could see it out the window!

Useless information. If you’re from Melbourne or Sydney this will probably remind you of the entrance to the Luna Park amusement park.

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