The Artists behind the lithos

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Arian Buhler

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Adrian’s designed most of the Australian, Japanese and US posters for the Not in this Lifetime tour. Including the Kobe poster which is the rarest of the rare. Although he’s designed a variety posters, he has a real penchant for the Japanese themes.

He also designs posters for the Rolling Stones. Imagine just throwing that little gem into conversation. ‘Oh yeah I also do some work for the Stones’. Bloody legend.

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Sara Ray Art

Sara designed a California native and straight up black metal chick was the only choice to design the Rocket Queen poster. She’s also done some bitchin’ work for Danzig.






Timothy Patrick Butler

timothy patrick butler

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It’s always Halloween for Timothy. He loves the quirky, spooky and weird. Which would be cool in itself but his portfolio renders me er, speechless. He’s designed posters for Slayer, The Ramones, Guns N Roses and The Rolling Stones. Oh and Michael Jackson. I think he was a Jehovas Witness or something? What a top bloke. Tim I mean, not MJ. Like would you live in a share house with Whacko Jacko? Didn’t think so.

For this tour he designed the Singapore poster, Foxboro Massachusetts and the Wellington Kiwi poster.